Thursday, 20 October 2011

Studio J IS Real Scrapbooking!

Sure, I admit it, when Close To My Heart first announced Studio J as an option for digital scrapbooking, I thought, "That's great. It will be great for those other people that don't really scrapbook." I was a little bit biased that "scrapbooking" had to mean hands-on with paper and photos and words and maybe embellishments. But after I thought about it, and I made some layouts with Studio J, I realized that Studio J IS real scrapbooking. It's paper and photos and words and maybe embellishments. It's preserving memories and sharing them. Plus it gives me a cool digital file I can share online by email or posting on Social Media sites like Facebook. It's incredible that I can resize or change the colour of photos instantly with a click of a mouse right in the program and if I don't like the results, just as easily change it back. Options have never been easier or more fun with my photos.

Close To My Heart offers Studio J in such a way that you can't help but fall in love with it. Printed in glorious 12x12 format, and featuring the papers, the layouts, the embellishments that you love about traditional CTMH scrapbooking, the results are gorgeous and easy to acheive.  Plus with Studio J, you can customize the papers and embellishments in ways that you just can't "in real life". Change embellishment sizes, colours, alter, overlap, and use as many as you like to create the layout in just the way you want. Love a print from the new Dreamin' My Reflections Kit but wish it came in shades of purple? With Studio J and the click of your can! I love that I can make truly unique layouts that are unlimited by the printed paper that I have "on hand", and with Studio J, it's all "on hand" and ready to go whenever or whereever I am.

Last January, I scrapbooked my entire family reunion album in 2 days during a snowstorm. I didn't have to worry about running out of supplies. I just needed my internet connection. I received the printed layouts back from CTMH in about 10 days and it was a sunny reminder of my family's love during those cold, dark winter days.

What I love best about Studio J is that you can try it for FREE!!! Yes, FREE!!! Nothing to download. No prepayments or kits to buy. Access it all and then only order and pay for the layouts you want. How awesome is that? Buy a membership and save on your layout purchases as an extra bonus. What's not to love?

My children also love that they can help make layouts about themselves and they look so professionally done or that I may do layouts just for them. Here is one I did for my daughter Grace wearing her silly 3D glasses with the lenses punched out. She looked so adorable that I couldn't help but create a special layout just for her. I could make the photos just the right size, cropping or enlarging as needed within the program. So easy!!! Embellishments were fun and guilt free... I think I added about 50+ brads to this layout - all for the one low layout price. Awesome!

What memories could you preserve and share with Studio J today? Whether it's traditional or's still real scrapbooking! Click the Studio J link badge at the right of my page to give it a try.

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